With over 20 years of project consulting and management experience, you can always be satisfied by our customized Smart Care solution which enables you and the ones you care to achieve health and wellness.


We provide custom-made smart solutions according to different care needs:

Smart Healthcare Devices
  • 3-in-1 healthcare device (blood glucose, blood pressure, SPO2)
  • Wireless panic button
  • IR sleep monitoring device
  • RFID anti-wandering system
  • Indoor air quality monitoring device
  • Wearable fall detection sensor

Features & Benefits

Electronic Health Records
  • Easy access & share with HIS
  • Immediate alerts & notifications
  • Health condition trends & analysis
Centralized management system
  • Improved service quality
  • Workflow approval & review
  • Alerts & notifications on suspicious data points
Mobile Apps
  • View billing information & clinical appointment
  • Support notification
  • Residents check-in & check-out record
Support different facilities
  • Senior homes
  • Nursing centres
  • Senior housing

System Highlights

Cloud Platform
  • Web-based management system, no installation is required
  • Tablet for mobility support on nursing service
  • Mobile apps for family support
  • Extendable on services & products deployment
  • Compatible with new device and technology in the future
  • Allow system scale up for supporting residents/members
  • Fit for operations in different scenarios
  • Customizable for different care needs
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