Combining the expertise on areas of software, hardware & solution integration for the purpose of providing a peace of mind. Vital Home Solution, offering wellness, safety and medical at home & community, especially for senior group for vital home care.




Vital Home Solution - Senior Home Healthcare (IoT) Solution

One-stop healthcare solution combining hardware, software and health informatics system (HIS) through IoT technology to enable Smart Care in senior living.




From smart device, software development, system integration, cloud service to user interface, we provide one stop service that supports customers enabling the next-generation IoT applications in senior care industry through our robust products & services.

Vital Home Solution - Service


Synergy from a group of professionals working across medical & health industry, software & application development, hardware development and system integration.

Hardware & Solution Integration
  • Over 20 years of experience in providing electronics devices
  • Offering sensors and solutions in deployment of IoT
  • Strong R&D and engineering team on custom-made solutions
  • Extensive experience in various applications
Software Development
  • Global business management experience
  • Strong after-sales and follow up
  • Expertise in software development, SQA and IT consulting services
  • Sophisticated project management techniques & tools and large talent pool


Vital Home Solution provides a full range of services and free consultation to assist customers in handling the application of technology voucher in order to upgrade and transform their business process.

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