Auto-scanning Non-contact Body Temperature Scanner - BTS01

VitalHome is launching the Auto-scanning Non-contact Body Temperature Scanner (BTS01) to the market fighting against the current epidemic situation. The use of automatic proximity sensor and far infrared sensor allow fast and wide-angle temperature scanning to avoid physical contact during the measurement of body temperature and reduce the risk of infection.

The BTS series can be adopted in many sectors, including elderly care, education, retail, catering, and general corporates. It allows employees, customers, or visitors to quickly measure body temperature with a proper social distancing and reduce close contact. The product includes a temperature scanner and a display, which allow Plug-and-Play; the body temperature can be displayed on the screen within 2 seconds. There is high-temperature alert when the body temperature is higher than the pre-set temperature (such as 37.5°C). The temperature scanner is fully automated, which can automatically start and operate without the need of holding the devices by the staff or visitors. The product supports multiple displays and information can be synchronized, which helps staff at the reception desk or nurse station to control visitors.

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* Products are not designed for medical purpose and not intended for any clinical or diagnostic use.

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